• PVC Tape

    Superior Australian PVC Tape There are so many cheap imported products available on the market today that it can be quite daunting when choosing wh...
  • Gardiner Australia's environmental policy

    Climate change affects all our lives & Gardiner Australia believes it is our corporate responsibility to minimize the impact we as a company ha...
  • What does R value mean

    What is R value & how is it measured   “R” value is calculated by thickness divided by thermal conductivityGardiner Australia’s PE30 was teste...
  • Our Australian made EVA foam on face shields

    We have received a lovely endorsement from Dr Halina Mann from the Eye & Ear hospital. Dr Mann writes " I just wanted to thank you for your hel...
  • Bal FZ through to Bal 12.5 ratings explained

       Bal (bushfire attack level)  ratings for property   .   All sites or properties has one of six possible BAL ratings: BAL Low:There is insuffic...
  • CR 242 & EPDM 414 tape on electrical cabinets

    The type of sponge rubber used for the seal depends greatly on the service application & the degree of “float" or tolerance variation. Doors that open and shut frequently needs a different seal to one that is closed and only opened for annual service or irregularly. Neoprene N42 is best for a regular opening applications, EPDM E41 super soft best for irregular openings
  • Covid-19 & our EVA foam

    Gardiner foam technology in partnership with a number of medical supply companies have been working hard to keep up with demand for our EVA 30x foam to help with the fight against Covid-19.
  • What is the difference between EVA & PE foam

    What is PE foam & what is EVA foam

    When we talk about closed cell foams, we generally refer to PE (polyethylene) and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) However the end properties of a foam are only partly determined by the base resin and are also the result of the method of manufacture.

  • Fire rated "FR" vs standard "PE" roof infill strips

    FR roof infill strips advantages when compared to standard PE roof infill strips in fire prone areas
  • Electrical cabinet sealing with neoprene tape to achieve an IP rating

    Experience has shown that Neoprene self adhesive tape is most successful achieving this IP seal when a constant compression rate in the neoprene tape  of 10% of its thickness occurs.
  • Food grade foam

    Our EVA and PE foams are made from resins, pigments and blowing agents that conform to AS2070-1999 this standard relates to the suitability for FOOD CONTACT
  • Fuel resistance of foams & sponge rubber-an explanation

    The correct definition of   “fuel resistance”  is defined by the SAE (society of automotive Engineers ) & they have a standard test  SAE J18  which measure the degree of “swell “ in sponge rubber (Neoprene )  & plastics (EVA & PE) ,  when exposed to fuels. This “swell”  is indicative to the degree of stress cracking that will occur to a product over time. Stress cracking is the process of degradation or in  simplistic  terms, product failure.