• Electrical cabinet sealing with neoprene tape to achieve an IP rating

    Experience has shown that Neoprene self adhesive tape is most successful achieving this IP seal when a constant compression rate in the neoprene tape  of 10% of its thickness occurs.
  • Food grade foam

    Our EVA and PE foams are made from resins, pigments and blowing agents that conform to AS2070-1999 this standard relates to the suitability for FOOD CONTACT
  • Fuel resistance of foams & sponge rubber-an explanation

    The correct definition of   “fuel resistance”  is defined by the SAE (society of automotive Engineers ) & they have a standard test  SAE J18  which measure the degree of “swell “ in sponge rubber (Neoprene )  & plastics (EVA & PE) ,  when exposed to fuels. This “swell”  is indicative to the degree of stress cracking that will occur to a product over time. Stress cracking is the process of degradation or in  simplistic  terms, product failure.