Working With EVA Foam - The Best Tools, Adhesives, And Methods

EVA foam is a very popular and versatile material. This flexible, lightweight foam with its cushiony feel can be used in a variety of industries. It is a popular material for crafting and the sheets can be used to produce floor or seat cushioning. This material also has countless applications in construction, building or even DIY home improvement projects as it can be used as a sealant, insulative material or protective padding. 

To work successfully with this material you will need to have the right equipment at hand. Let’s take a look at some of the best tools, adhesives and methods to use if you want to manipulate EVA foam into functional shapes and designs.

Best Cutting Tools for EVA Foam

This soft foamy material is very easy to cut. You can cut it to any size, shape or design with a simple pair of sharp scissors, a box cutter or a precision knife. It is easiest to use a scissor for thinner sheets of 4mm or less. For thicker foams, a cutter or precision knife is preferable. 

Best Adhesives for EVA Foam

Any rubber based contact adhesive can be used to glue pieces of EVA foam together. It is also best to keep pressure on the bonding materials for 15 - 30 minutes to ensure a good bond.EVA foam can also be heat welded if required

Best Patterning Tools and Methods for EVA Foam

While working with EVA Foam, you will want to develop a specific size or design. To achieve a perfect size or shape, it is always best to work with a pattern. You can make your own patterns from paper, trace them onto the foam sheet with a pen or pencil and then proceed with the cutout. 

Best Tools To Alter the Shape of EVA Foam

EVA foam can be modified into all sorts of shapes or designs if you apply heat in the right places. If you want to create curves or roundings on EVA foam then you should use a heat gun to warm up the material before wrapping it over a mould. An ordinary  air dryer can create enough heat to bend EVA (then cooled down in situ, although a hot air gun is required when radical moulding or even heat welding is required

Surface treatment for EVA Foam

You can use a heat gun to heat treat and seal the surface of the foam sheets. By heating the surface then letting it air the top surface of the EVA will be more resistant to marks. It will also darken the colour of the EVA.

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