Hearing Mice In Your Rooftop? Here's What Your Roof Needs.

Does it sound like mice are running a marathon inside your roof? Listening to them scurrying around above the ceiling boards can certainly make your skin crawl and even worse is when the smell of droppings, or a deceased rodent travels through to your home. In addition to the discomfort, infestations can cause property damage and are a health risk to your household as they may carry disease. This is why it is important to get rid of infestations in your roof and prevent them from reoccurring.

Start By Getting Rid of the Infestation

Before you do anything else, you need to deal with the mouse infestations. If you seal off your roof before clearing the infestation, you run the risk of trapping a couple of rodents in there. This can be a very inhumane death for the mice and can leave your home smelling horrible for weeks.

Seal Off Your Rooftop

Now that you cleared away the infestation, you should keep them from ever gaining access to your rooftop ever again. The best way to do this is by properly sealing your rooftop.

How To Seal Your Rooftop

Roof infill strips with mouse barrier are a type of foam infill strip specially designed to fit the profile of most sheet rooftops & stop mice. The foam strips fit snugly underneath the roof sheet and fill out all the openings between the metal sheet and purlin. 

These strips will also  seal your home against wind, leaves, and water but what Gardiner Australia’s product is the only infill strip system that contains a mouse barrier within it via a  patent pending barrier that stops mice.  

Contact Gardiner Australia for Rodent-Resistant Infill strip

If you need quality PE roof infill strips for your home, contact Gardiner Australia to discuss your options. We have a wide range of rodent-resistant infill strip.