Sealants And Infill Strips For A Warmer And Protected Home This Winter

Winter is on the horizon and the temperature change is already noticeable in early mornings and late evenings. If you wake to a frosty home in the morning or struggle to keep your house nice and cosy during the night then your home might have too many gaps and openings. A surprising amount of warmth can escape through these small spaces and this can have a huge impact on your interior temperatures or your winter energy bill.

If your energy bills keep spiking or if chilly drafts are keeping you up at night then it is time for a couple of infill strips and sealants. Let’s explore some of the best foam products to give a try if you want a more protected and warmer home.

PE Foam Roof Infill Strips for the Roof

Take a walk around your home and inspect the area where your roof sheets connect with the wall. Are these areas properly sealed? If there are gaps and openings between the roof sheets and wall then it is worth considering installing some infill strips. PE foam roof infill These strips are manufactured to fit the profile of different roof sheets and fit perfectly inside those gaps or openings between the wall and the roof. 

The foam material forms a wind and water-tight seal between the roof sheeting and the purlin so wind, and water cannot be blown into the roof cavity. As a result, the warmth in the area above your home cannot escape and the interior space below the ceiling stays much warmer for longer.

Roof infill strips will also keep insects from entering your rooftop which is also great for protecting electrical wiring and the like from potential damage.

Foam or Rubber Taping for Gaps and Openings

If you feel a light breeze or chilly air rush into your living spaces then there could be some gaps around your doors or windows. 

Sponge rubber, PE or PVC  tape can be the ultimate solution for sealing off these drafts. Sponge rubber tape or foam tape is an ideal sealant to use around moving components like doors or windows. This foam strip acts as weather stripping. It has adhesive backing and can be fitted to any door or window frame to fill out the gaps. With the right application method, your access points will stay as functional as ever. Only now, they will be completely shut when the doors or windows are closed. The stripping can also be a good seal to cover up holes or pathways around plumbing systems or the gaps around wiring. 

With these strips firmly in place, wind can no longer gush into your home, warmth from inside won’t escape as easily and moisture will be kept out.

Get Quality Foam Sealants from Gardiner Australia

Gardiner Australia is a trusted supplier of rubber and foam infill strips, tapes, and sheets. This company is an excellent resource if you want to properly seal off your home or create a warmer space during winter time.