Working With Sponge Rubber - Best Tools, Adhesives And Methods

Sponge rubber, also known as expanded neoprene or EPDM sponge rubber is a very useful material. Homeowners use it as weather stripping around doors and windows while mechanics and engineers often use the material as cushioning or shock absorber inside machinery. There are many different uses for sponge rubber but this functional material can only be functional if you use the right tools to modify them into a suitable shape.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at some of the best tools and adhesives to use if you want to modify the shape or design of sponge rubber sheeting and transform it into something practical. 

How to Cut Sponge Rubber

You might need to cut a sheet of sponge rubber into smaller pieces, strips or shapes to make it fit in certain areas. There are lots of different ways to cut sponge rubber including the following. 

  • Oscillating Blades - Also known as CNC cutting machines these types of cutters are computer-controlled and perfect for cutting delicate designs into sponge rubber.

  • Boring - Boring tools can be used to create cut-outs or holes in sponge rubber. Boring machines are usually pretty easy to set up and use. 
  • Die Stamping - Die stamping machines use a hydraulic press to cut out 3D shapes. Stamping is only used to mass-produce the same sponge rubber shapes. 
  • Laser Cutting - Laser cutting machines are ideal for cutting complex shapes into sponge rubber. 
  • Scissors, - If you are handling thin rubber strips then a simple pair of scissors can be sufficient. 

Best Adhesives for Sponge Rubber

You might need to glue two pieces of sponge rubber together to make it thicker or longer. Here are some of the best gluing methods for sticking sponge rubber pieces together. Use a rubber based contact adhesive, and or a rubber based spray adhesive.  It is best to avoid chemicals like acetone or ketone on sponge rubber since these products can destroy sponge rubber materials. 

Buy Sponge Rubber in Australia

Gardiner Australia is a leading supplier of sponge rubber and the company to order from if you are looking for quality sponge rubber sheets or tapes. Our quality sponge rubber sheets vary from just 2 mm in thickness and can be produced with a maximum thickness of 60mm. You can also choose to apply an adhesive backing to the sponge rubber so you can easily glue it to other materials. 

Contact Gardiner Australia now to find out more about sponge rubber and how to modify these materials.

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