Tips For Creating A More Fire-Resistant Rooftop

Housefires are a serious concern for homeowners, especially now that summer, bushfire season, is here. While home fireproofing is important for everyone, it is essential for people living in bushfire or grassfire-prone areas. Even if a neigbourhood is spared from a bushfire, homes can ignite when wind-blown embers from a nearby fire accumulate on combustible materials like the wooden beams inside your rooftop. 

Luckily, there are effective methods you can use to minimise fire risk. Let’s take a look at the best ways to make a roof more fire-resistant or fireproof.

Install Roof Infill Strips

Roof infill steps are an ideal solution for metal sheet roof types. 

BAL-FZ roof infill strips are a perfect solution for this type of issue. These strips are made with a metal frame and  a non-combustible rubber and are designed to seal off the gaps or openings between the purlin and roof sheeting. 

There are different types of infill strip profiles available and you can get something for corrugated roofs, trimdek bottom roofs, and spandek hi-ten roofs. 

The rubber stripping will firmly seal off all of the openings underneath your sheet roof so no embers from bushfires can enter your home to ignite the interior.

These strips have a remarkable fire safety rating. They are NATA-certified and can withstand a heat flux of over 40 kW/mtr2 thus rated to BAL-FZ. 

The stripping isn’t just helpful for preventing fires. They also act as a rat and insect barrier so your home will be protected from nasty pest invasions. 

BAL-29 roof infill strips are a non combustible rubber based product & is rated to BAL-29 so suitable for buildings in this fire zone. They are available in all roof profiles

Additionally the are an excellent seal against air, water & insects

Contact Gardiner Australia

These two optionsfor  home upgrades are excellent way to for protect your home and roof from a local bushfire and can be useful for containing a fire. If you are looking to get started with fire-resistant roof products, contact Gardiner Australia today. We have a wide range of quality products available that can make your home a lot safer. 

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