How The Right Roof Infill Helps Protect Your Home This Fire Season

Summer and unfortunately, fire season, is here. Upgrading your home's fire resistance can be a huge help for protecting your home when the area around you is at risk of bushfires or grassfires. One of the very best fire protection upgrades you can make is to install roof infill. 

What Are Roof Infill Strips?

Roof infill strips are a type of strip that seals off the area between the roof sheet and the purlin or seals the gaps between the sheet and the eave of a building. 

Roof infill strips can be made from different materials and have different fire resistance levels. Bal-FZ infill strips, for example, are made from rubber and metal casing that is completely non-ignitable and forms a firm seal in these openings. Bal-29 infill strips, on the other hand, are made from a type of fireproof rubber and can be functional for enhancing your fire resistance. 

How Can Roof Infill Protect Your Home from Fire?

You might wonder how a simple rubber or foam strip can keep your home from catching fire. Well, the answer is quite simple. This type of infill strip is designed to cover up the openings underneath sheet metal rooftops. These gaps are a high-risk area for properties because embers from fires tend to blow into a home through these openings. 

Once inside, the embers can quickly ignite roofing materials like wooden beams, ceiling boards, or insulation materials, and within minutes your entire home can be ablaze.

The infill strips are designed to seal off these gaps so fire embers cannot get into your roof or home. This will make a huge difference in your home's fire safety. 

Roof Infill Strips Also Protect Against Rodents

Infill strips are mostly designed to prevent bushfires from affecting and burning down your home. These strips do, however, offer other benefits. When these openings are sealed off, insects will no longer be able to get into your home or your rooftop. Rodents , when using the BAL-FZ infills will also be blocked out completely. You can also use the mouse barrier infill strips that are designed to keep mice out of your roof space.The infill strips will also seal your home against rainwater , dust & leaves that can be blown in through these openings by the wind. 

Which Roofs are Compatible with Infill Strips?

Infill strips are mostly suitable for metal sheet rooftops. They come in many different profiles and we have or can manufacture  a suitable infill strip for every known metal roofing profile. 

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Roof infill strips are a perfect solution for protecting your home from wildfires and they can also be functional for sealing your roof so rodents and pests cannot get into your house. If you are looking for quality fireproof infill strips, contact our friendly team at Gardiner Australia today to learn more about your options.