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BAL-29 Downpipe plugs

BAL-29 Downpipe plugs

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BAL-29  downpipe features

Meets BAL-29 (AS 3959-2018 appendix F) requirements.

Australian made with sponge rubber not “PE” (polyethylene) that is  found in the other downpipe plugs on the market.

Will self extinguish when exposed to flames or embers.

Radiant heat may cause a PE plug to melt or distort, thereby breaking the seal. Radiant heat will not melt the BAL-29 plug.

Available in all downpipe sizes. If yours is not shown here, please contact us for a quote.

Why risk plug failure at the very time when you need it most – sealing the downpipe to allow water to remain in your gutters.

All products also conform to AS 1530.3 1999 “non ignitability" fire rating & were tested by a NATA certified laboratory.



                     1. Material data for downpipe rubber. 

                    2.  Things to check when choosing a downpipe plug.


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