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EPDM super soft sponge rubber

EPDM super soft sponge rubber

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EPDM E41 super soft sponge rubber supplied by Gardiner Foam Technology has very similar properties to our Neoprene sponge, however it is far more compressible (softer) thus allowing greater tolerance variation of mismatched surfaces when sealing water air or dust. Compared to most other available “foam” sheets it is resistant to solvents and chemicals but is superior to them when used in applications to seal against weather, salt, water, air, dust, and when exposed to sunlight


An excellent all-round sealing material in domestic construction against drafts and insulation breaks. It is used in applications such as truck and transport bodies, RV trailers and campers, heating and air conditioning units, duct work, refrigeration and cool boxes, boats, fibreglass components and industrial packaging.


 EPDM super soft sponge specifications 


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