What Is 414 Super Soft Rubber Tape And Where Can It Be Used?

It is great to live in a modern era where there are so many different types of foam & sponge rubber tapes to choose from. With so many great tape types to choose from, you can find something that suits your needs and environment perfectly. This is a huge help because the right product will ensure good protection for connected items, it will last much longer despite being exposed to certain elements and it can reduce your overall maintenance since you won’t have to replace the tape as often.

One of these revolutionary and relatively new tapes is 414 soft sponge rubber tape. Let’s take a closer look at this wonderful product and find out how it can be used.

What is 414 Super Soft Sponge Rubber Tape?

414 super soft  rubber tape is a type of soft sponge rubber with a self-adhesive design. This tape is very similar to CR rubber tape but it is softer (can be compressed to a much greater degree). This makes it much more suitable for filling the gaps between mismatched surfaces. Even though the rubber tape is soft, it is also quite strong. It is tear-resistant, chemical-resistant, weather resistant, it can stretch, and withstand immense force, and the tape can even handle a wide range of temperatures. 

What can 414 Super Soft Sponge Tape be Used For?

This flexible tape has a great many applications and it can be functional in any type of industry. The tape is very functional for sealing the gaps between different components of trucks, RV trailers, campers, air conditioning units, cool boxes, boats, and other types of vehicles. It can also be used to protect and absorb impact between these different objects so they won’t scuff or damage one another. It can also be used in indoor or outdoor settings and it is practical for dry to high moisture areas. 

Main Advantages of 414 Sponge Rubber Tape

This wonderful tape has a lot of advantages. Here is a quick look at some of the main benefits that this self-adhesive tape can offer.

  • The tape has a high 1 N/m tear resistance level
  • It offers relatively good chemical resistance
  • The tape offers superior resistance against weather, salt, water, air, and dust compared to other tapes
  • It is very easy to apply since you only need to peel the adhesive strip away and stick it into place
  • The tape is functional for cold temperatures
  • It can also tolerate higher temperatures 
  • The tape has a remarkable tensile strength of 250 kPA
  • It can be elongated up to 240% of its original length
  • It offers a good air and water seal at 3% compression level
  • The tape can be used indoors and outdoors
  • It is ideal for sealing gaps between objects that differ in size
  • The tape is very functional in industrial industries
  • It is a very good product to use on transportation bodies so heavy and hard items won’t scratch or bump against one another
  • It is great for sealing openings and it can also be used to insulate, protect, and cushion two different items 
  • The tape has good sound-dampening and insulative qualities and is functional for fridges, freezers, or coolers
Gardiner Australia

If you need to seal the gap between two objects or need something that can absorb vibrations and impact so two objects won’t damage each other then 414 sponge rubber tape can be a very functional option. At Gardiner Australia, we manufacture and distribute high-quality 414 sponge rubber tape. Give us a call if you want to order this tape or if you want to find out more about its many applications or capabilities.