Gardiner Australia's environmental policy

Climate change affects all our lives & Gardiner Australia believes it is our corporate responsibility to minimize the impact we as a company have on our environment. We also hope  by extension, this increases the pressure on our governments to get into step with environmental concerns of all peoples around the globe and implement  policies that ultimately reduce carbon emissions to zero.

In practical terms we have taken the following action.

1. Closed our water system so that the large daily volume of water used in our manufacturing for cooling, is from water we gather from rainfall alone. The installation of five water tanks, with the capacity of 75,000 litres means water, collected for drinking water for our city, is now no longer reduced by our industrial requirements & so less energy is used in supplying Melbourne with its water requirements.

2. Solar panels were installed some years ago & now are responsible for supplying slightly more than half our direct requirements with all excess electricity generated during non production hours being supplied back into the grid, reducing the demand for coal fired energy. We will be doubling this solar capacity in the coming year.

3. Energy we purchase from our energy supplier is from renewable sources & whilst this increases our energy costs, we are prepared to absorb this cost to reduce coal fired electricity. The philosophy of this action is that if we, as well as other like minded people and corporations, demand only  renewable energy on energy suppliers, the result will be a market driven expansion of the renewable sector. This will ultimately both  bring the cost of renewable energy down  but also make it less attractive for governments to continue to subsidize coal for use in coal fired power plants due to demand reduction of that power source.

4. Consolidation of our manufacturing sites into a single Melbourne site. Our Sydney & Adelaide manufacturing sites (which have been operating in those cities since the 1940's & the 1960's respectively), have been brought into a single Melbourne factory & this has had both economic as well as environmental benefits. Efficiencies gained include substantial reduction of our operating overhead costs, hence less cost being passed onto our customers, but just as importantly, it has caused a  substantial reduction in our energy usage, yet we currently are now manufacturing more than the sum of the 3 individual factories. 

5. We actively invest in shares of companies that are dedicated to producing green energy. The support in such companies makes economic sense to us as they are the future of energy so will reward us ultimately in dividends.

As is often said, "there is no planet B" so lets all do our bit to look after this one.

We will continue to investigate other ways to reduce our impact on the environment & will publish any success we have in this area. 

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