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Leading Foam Suppliers in Australia

Foam and rubber tapes and sheets are used in a multitude of applications in Australia and across the world every day. Ensuring that you have the right product for your application is imperative as different products have different characteristics. We are the leading professional foam & sponge suppliers in Australia, with an extensive product range made right here in Australia.

At Gardiner Australia, we help you to perfectly match the product to your application. Whether you need oil or fuel resistant foam or rubber products for automotive seals, or impact softening equipment for sports mats or underfloor applications, we have the right product for you. 

We manufacture a vast array of products for use in many different applications, from bush fire-rated roof infill strips to PVC foam tapes, rubber and foam sheets, and much more.

The Benefits of Using Gardiner Australia as Your Foam Rubber Supplier 

Let’s face it, all-foam rubber looks the same, but due to the different characteristics of the materials, they are not all equal. Supplying to the automotive trade for the past 90 years, we have gained the knowledge and experience to be able to help you perfectly pair our products with your application.

  • We provide full product specifications for each of our products to help you choose the ideal product for your application. From food grade products to fire, air, dust oil and fuel resistance, we help you match product specifications with your requirements.
  • Our roof infill strips conform fully to all Australian standards and regulations. We offer a full range of bushfire certified roof infill products as prescribed by Australian BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) specifications.
  • We pride ourselves on being the leading foam rubber supplier in Australia, endeavouring to provide the best products that money can buy. We use the best in machinery and the best in raw materials to manufacture products that are superior in every way.

What You Can Expect from Gardiner Australia Regarding Foam Fabricating

We have been at the forefront of rubber and foam product manufacturing and supply in Australia for the past 90 years, catering to the automotive and other industries. Our products have received numerous prestigious industry awards over the years, and we remain the preferred supplier for many prominent companies.

  • All our products are locally manufactured, thus you don’t have to worry about lead times and waiting for stock to arrive from overseas. If we need more, we simply make more. In addition, our manufacturing capacity is of such an extent that there will always be stock available when you need it.
  • Our product range is significant. As the only company in Australia manufacturing both foam and sponge products, we have substantial market share in a wide range of product applications.
  • Our products are for specific applications, thus when you buy a product from us, you can rest assured that it will achieve optimal longevity if applied in the correct application.

About Gardiner Australia

Established in 1931, Gardiner Australia is a prominent company in the manufacturing and supply of sponge and foam rubber products in Australia and around the world. Our longevity is a testament to our commitment to excellence in everything that we do.

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