Fire rated "FR" vs standard "PE" roof infill strips

PE standard roof infill Strips

 PE has been used for many years & they were originally conceived to reduce the expansion and movement noise of non metallic roofing sheets. As a plastic foam they have no fire resistant properties and will melt when exposed to radiant heat or flames -  even the so called fire retardant grades, as they offer no resistance to flame or ember attack.

It must also be remembered that the fire-retardant in PE fire retardant  grades contain toxic chemicals and when alight they will give off extremely toxic gases including hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide.

FR Fire resistant roof infill strips

This product has a an Australian certified Fire rating conforming to ASTM 1530.3. They will not burn and when exposed to flame but rather smolders then self extinguishes. This product, being foam rubber based,  resists breakdown by UV, chemicals and they are not attractive for vermin ingestion 

FR is  made using an engineering grade material that is designed to take compression and movement within a seal. No gaps will form and roof integrity will remain constant requiring no rework .

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