Electrical cabinet sealing with neoprene tape to achieve an IP rating

Why do electrical cabinets require IP seals

An IP rated seal is an electrical grade water seal, which is tested using an array of pressure washers pointing at the join of the electrical part and then hitting it with a high pressure blast & confirming it still seals.

Experience has shown that Neoprene self adhesive tape is most successful achieving this IP seal when a constant compression rate in the neoprene tape of 10% of its thickness occurs.

Neoprene also has excellent UV resistance so will outlast cheaper foam tapes.

Powder Coated cabinets

Many metal products requiring seals are powder coated. This powder coated metal is a 2 part exothermic material which subsequently presents  low surface energy and it often has wax residue. Both these things act against the pressure sensitive adhesive.

To ensure the self adhesive foam tape adheres to the powdercoating, the surface needs to be abraded with a light scotch brite type cloth to break the wax and increase the surface tension (or surface energy) , it should ideally also be cleaned with 50/50 methylated spirits and water mix, then dried completely. When this is done, a suitably high surface energy is achieved & the adhesive will be able to bond to the powder coated surface.