Bush Fire Approved Infill

We Manufacture the Only Bush Fire-Approved Infill You Will Need

If you need bush fire-approved infill, we can help you get the best. We have a range of options and will ensure your home meets any necessary BAL construction requirements. Having the right team help, you can prevent unnecessary damage to your home. Choose Gardiner Australia and get the right fire protection for your house.

Additional Services We Can Provide if You Need Fire-Rated Infill Strips

When you come to us for fire-rated infill, you should also know that we can offer you a wide range of other products, including the following:

  • We offer a wide range of EVA foam products. We can provide you with high-density sheets — EVA 33 (30x), EVA 45 (20x), or EVA 65 (15x). These offer excellent resilience and compression, cold-, and water-resistance and has a wide range of uses. 
  • You can get a variety of tape here, including neoprene sponge tape, EPDM super soft sponge tape, PVC foam tape (Lapseal and Backchannel tape), or PE foam tape (Lapseal, Purlin and Backchannel tape).
  • We also offer other products such as garage wall protector pads in twin packs, tent and swag foam groundsheets, repair adhesives, or gasket materials. When it comes to excellent quality foam products, we will always have what you need.

What You Should Know About Our Services for Fire-Approved Rubber

Here are the different BAL levels and what you should know about them before buying fire-approved sheets:

  • BAL Low: Your home is far enough from any immediate bushfire danger that you do not need to adhere to specific BAL construction requirements. This will likely be the case if your home is more than 100m away from any classified vegetation. BAL 12.5: Your home is at risk of ember attack and a heat flux of up to 12.5kW/m2 and has a BAL 12.5 Construction requirement.
  • BAL 19: You are at risk of increasing levels of ember attack and burning debris ignited by windborne embers, alongside increasing heat flux. Your home has a BAL 19 Construction Requirement. BAL 29: Your home has the same risk as that of BAL 19, but with increased severity. You have a BAL 29 Construction Requirement.
  • BAL 40: Your home has the same risk as that of BAL 29, but with increased severity, alongside an increased likelihood of exposure to flames. You have a BAL 40 requirement. BAL FZ: Your home is within a range of direct exposure to flames in addition to heat flux and ember attacks. You have a BAL FZ Construction Requirement.

Why You Should Buy from Us When You Need a Fire-Resistant Rubber Sheet

Getting the fire-resistant sheets that you need now, versus eight weeks from now, can make a huge difference. In most cases, we do not expect fires, so it is good to always have your preparations in order as soon as possible to avoid unexpected damages. Our products also come at the highest quality, and it is all manufactured locally.

Whether you need fire-resistant roof infill strips so your home can meet the necessary BAL requirements, or you need access to our wide range of other foam products, we would love to help. Call us today and futureproof your home against potential fires.

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